Thursday, May 22, 2008

It is a typical boring day!

I have nothing to write about. Even less to say. I have spent most of the day answering the phone and making appointment just like any other day. That is the job after all.

I have enjoyed the downtime because I got a chance to read all of the blogs in my favorites list. All 25 of them. - she has created a cute little stuffed guy. - She had not updated in a while however I an sure that i need to create a little quilt like she is showing on her page. - she was at a national stationery show and she is showing it in parts. So the the items feature looked like things I use to draw in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. - diane went to a out to eat with a friend. A rabbit hut in the resturant .... interesting. - she has not updated in a while must be experiencing writers block.

family of two - She has a wonderful blog about how babies are born. Very funny. Very well written. - a coworker who is starting a business. She neveer write anything just post pictures of her products. - She also has no updated in a while but she has a long list of projects she wants to complete and I guess she is too busy to take time to blog. - Her drawings are so beautiful. Hopefully she will have something new for me to see soon. - she is doing a fabric swap. I think I saw this done before but it cool idea. - this reads like a book. She is heading a tour in Seattle Art Museum this weekend. this is just that photo shop disasters. This is really funny at times.

Oh well that all I can write about time to go back to work.

Blog at you tomorrow

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familyoftwo98 said...

Woo hoo, I made your top 10. How sweet. Hey did you see we are getting a BOY on June 9th? Wonder how the girls will react to that...hmm...