Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some marriages end within 5 year, but that is not us!

You hear the stats. Within the first 10 years marriage end either due to infidelity or money.

The shock of the loss of wages is enough to end a lot of relationships. Fortunately this relationship is still in tact.

Please understand that I got married with I was 40 years old. I have more years in as a single person and truly feel that I could go back to that with no problem. Money is means to get things done. Money helps a person feel secure because it enable them to have a place to live, put clothing on your body and feed your self. These are just the basics. Money also enable you to acquire useless stuff that you really don't need. Like vacations! Like Movie and dinner date! Like flowers that say I'm sorry and I love you.

He was able to get part of what was garnished so that we are able to keep the place we live. Trust me we would not have been kicked out but the late fee of 74.50 would have us playing catch up for alittle while. Especially if the garnishment continues. I was able to get some additional money from family members so I have more than enough food in the house. I have a closet full of fabric so I can make the clothing we need. I am not sure to Todd would like a dress shirt made with floral fabric but he will have to pretend he just came back from Hawaii. We will have to give up the useless stuff.

He assures me that it will not happen again. We will see. In the meantime I wonder if his paycheck will be hit next week. Once again we will see.

I truly do love this stupid man and spent the entire day with him. I went to work with him and hung out in the office all day. We got to talk things over which was really helpful because talking to him at home is always unproductive. AT home he does not listen. At work I have his attention.

We have some wonderful plans laid out but plans often change! One thing I do know I will be stashing money on the side that he will not know about . It will be in the madien name the statements will be online only and You will have to use a password to access my computer stuff.

My personal Plan; Save enough money to support myself if necessary.
Get healthy and lose this weight and be physically strong.
Get to work on clearing up the credit report so I can be credit worthy. (financial strong)

I may not ever leave him but I may not always need him.

He said the white ones are for his friend and the red ones are for his lover.

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Familyof2 said...

I am glad to hear you didn't kill him! More glad to here that he listened! Men are thick headed...and your hubby...well we know all about how stubborn he can be :) I sometimes think he and Jake are brothers from a different mother :)

If you want paper statements, you can always send them here...if you can figure out if we live in Wilkins Twp or Turtle Creek that (now right?)

PS...can I go w/you to the gym? Please??? Lord knows we have been planning that FOREVER.